Electrathon Participants and Volunteers,

After careful consideration, we have chosen to cancel the 2014 CNY Electrathon Challenge due to a cold front that will bring a period of rain between 10pm Thursday and 7:00am on Friday. Although the rain will stop prior to the practice rounds, with a relative humidity of over 50% combined with cloudy skies and minimal wind, the driving surface will most likely remain wet for a good portion of the morning.  

Rain is a factor at CNY Electrathon for the aerodynamic Electrathon vehicles. Slick tires that are pumped to a high pressure have no grip in wet conditions. Also, the moisture can cause misting on the driver's windshield reducing visibility.

IMPORTANT: There will be no rain date for this event. Because this event coincides with the Green Grand Prix, there is no rain date. In the past, teams have organized "practice" times at RIT and in Syracuse, perhaps this would be another option to get the cars out.

You are still encouraged to attend the Green Grand Prix at the Glen which will occur rain or shine. If you were going to present at the GGP, this is still going to happen. Check out the energy efficient vehicles at the Glen!

My Sincere Apologies,
Craig Coon

 The 2014 CNY Electrathon Challenge will be held on Friday, April 11th at Watkins Glen International !!

Registration has officially opened for the 2014 CNY Electrathon. Please be advised that the registration process has significantly changed. Read the "How to Register" document before completing any forms. All forms are available via a link located on the top of the registration page. If you have any questions, please contact Craig Coon at



Registration deadline: April 1, 2014

We hope to see you all at the Glen!




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